Club House Alta Shores Apartments

Event "Allow Us to Transform You"

The “Allow us to Transform You” event brought together photography, beauty and behavior professionals with a common goal: to increase the self-esteem of the women present.

The purpose of the event was to show the transformation of a woman and record, under the eyes of a professional photographer, the best, always valuing the best angles and "strengths". At the moment, it could also be talked about photography aimed at women, Boudoir photography, which among the different modalities of female essay is perhaps the one that retains more specific characteristics because it has a classic and romantic air. It refers to light sensuality, almost naive and generally dispenses with nudity. Three boudoir essays, making off videos, as well as costs and benefits for the woman and for the man-woman relationship were exposed.

The project was conceived by photographer Liane Almeida specialized in female photography and aimed at the Brazilian community of Charleston, United States. The idea was to show a difference in this type of work, showing photography as one of the tools for raising self-esteem. “Our goal is to extract through photography more than what the eyes can see, beyond what the mirror shows you. It is to rescue the essence, the femininity, the diva that is inside each one ”.

The event also featured a motivational lecture “Image and Beauty” that worked on personal acceptance by improving self-esteem. Motivational coach Renata Rodrigues explained that self-acceptance is necessary for the process of change and improvement in self-esteem to materialize. She used coaching techniques in order for the participants to identify their points to be worked on to raise self-esteem.

Participated in the event: Katia Gray, representative of the semi-jewelry area; Yona de Souza, professional makeup artist; Renata Rodrigues, motivational coach and speaker; Fabiana Costa, epilator and nail designer, Fernanda Patriota, Hair designer and coloring; Simone Souza, beauty consultant Mary Kay; Goddess Townes, natural tanning with ribbon and hair lightening; Natalia Sena, micropigmentation of eyebrows and eyelash extension; Maiane Camelo, videomaker and Liane Almeida, professional photographer; Angelica Duarte, cake and sweets and Yone Vasconcelos, pies and sweets.

Angelica Duarte participou oferecendo uma super novidade, o bolo Red Velvet, cupcakes e doces.
Todas as convidadas receberam pastas repleto de flyers informativos, cartões dos profissionais, brindes, tickets para sorteio e material para dinâmica motivacional.
Fabiana Costa (Depilação e Nail designer) e Yona de Souza (Maquiagem e penteado)
Kátia Gray (Semi Joias) e Deusa Townes (Bronzeamento natural com fita e clareamento de pêlos)
Deus Townes e Liane Almeida ( Fotógrafa)
Natália Sena (Micropigmentação, designer de sobrancelhas e prolongamento de cílios), Renata Rodrigues ( Consultoria pessoal motivacional e palestrante) e Simone Souza ( Consultora de Beleza Mary Kay)
Marjorie Amaral ( Bloguer e apresentadora )
Fernanda Patriota ( Hair designer e Coloração)
Semi joias e produtos Mary Kay
Semi joias by Kátia Gray
Geralda, modelo que passou pelo processo de transformação.
Simone Souza e Marta (Diretora Mary Kay)
* foto não profissional
Yone Vasconcelos teve sua presença no coquetel deliciosamente representada por uma torta de frango e doces de chocolate.
Angelica Duarte participou oferecendo uma super novidade, o bolo Red Velvet, cupcakes e doces.